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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sisters and Brothers

Sisters and Brothers

As you may have heard there is a wildcat strike occurring right now in Edmonton. Fifteen RSMCs working out of the St Albert office, a suburb of Edmonton, walked out yesterday morning when they learned their pay was being cut due to route evaluations. In many cases this reduced their income by thousands of dollars.

The workers and supporters shortly after walking out set up picket lines. The wildcat is continuing today with pickets being set up early this morning. There was a support rally at 9am Alberta time that is still continuing. The employer is attempting to use contractors to deliver the mail but at this point the strikers and their supporters have stopped them from entering. The employer has S and I present and have called the police.

Several other locations in Edmonton have engaged in support actions such as mass coffee breaks and workfloor discussions.

Please tell your members what is going on and encourage them to support these workers by:

-Sending a support message to the Edmonton Local
-Mass coffee breaks to discuss the issues
-Whatever else they are willing to do

We need to give The Boss a message that we will not be treated like this

An Injury to one is an injury to all


  1. Just got my letter from our new CEO as i'm sure you all did. My favourite part was how concerned he seems to be about heath and safety? Clearly he is being mislead by those around him or he thinks us all stupid. Has he actually toured any plants/stations??

  2. I found this "Dear Colleague" letter to be quite condescending...comparing driving a new car to postal transformation????? Such an ill-informed, arrogant comparison!!
    I agree with the previous post that CPC gives a rat's ass about postal workers health or safety, the almighty dollar and bonuses are the corporate bottom line. Ask youself, when's the last time CPC went out of it's way to stick up for the right's of health/safety for worker's???
    So as Deepak is a "new employee" of Canada Post, will our new CEO get 5 minutes for a lunchbreak after completing his 5 year term as president and CEO??
    The Dragon Lady, CPC STALAG 3