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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Anonymous said...

With the new machinery in place, those of us at the main plant are even more determined to retain our sick leave - as is -it is the #1 priority. I have worked for CPC for many years now with no injuries. Since the working on the new machines for the last several months - I now have foot & leg problems (no anti-fatigue mats) & lower back problems (those bottom stackers were made for the seven dwarfs !!!) Who knew postal transformation meant pick your option - unemployed - modified - disabled - early retirement. Health & Safety there is at an all time low. Be aggressive - Be persistent - make sure you get your rotation of duties - No excuses - & above all - all injuries MUST be reported. Mgmt likes to brag that the # of reported injuries has decreased - but I remind them - REPORTED injuries - not ACTUAL injuries - employees (especially the new ones) are being intimidated into "taking it on the chin" for fear of reprisals & harassment.

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