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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

CUPW explanation of CPC Final Offer

CPC’s revised final offer includes one proposal for an improvement which is a slight increase in their wage proposal. They have also reneged on two aspects of their previous Global offer and dropped some other demands for rollbacks. Many of the union’s priority demands are not addressed.
Here are the major features of CPC’s offer.

The Sole Improvement

Wages for current employees: Change to1.9%, 1.9%, 1.9% and 2.0%.  For Group 1 employees this represents an increase from CPC’s previous Global Offer of 7 cents per hour over the four year agreement. For Groups 2 and 3 employees it represents 8 cents and for Group 4 it represents 13 cents.  CPC did not reply to CUPW’s proposal for heavy duty truck mechanics.

Issues Where CPC Reneged on Previous Offers

Bar Charts: CPC has reneged from its offer to record all absences except for relief employees, temporary employees, and local and regional union leave paid by the corporation. This was tied to CPC’s proposal to combine the vacation and other absences relief into one list and to automate the system into SAP.
Letter Carrier and MSC Work Measurement Systems: CPC has dropped its demand to provide provisions for time certainty when it wants to introduce a new work method or time standards and has reneged on its offer to eliminate the expiry date for Appendix CC.

Issues Dropped

Injury on Duty Pay: CPC has dropped its demand to reduce from 100% of pay to 75% and allow employees to use accumulated sick leave credits to top up to 100%.
Bilingual Retail Positions: CPC has dropped its demand to require employees applying for bilingual retail positions to be bilingual.
Part-time Employees at Retail Counters: CPC has dropped its demand to increase the proportion of part-time employees at wickets from 10% to 15%.
Not Filling Vacant Positions: CPC has dropped its demand to relieve the Corporation from the obligation to fill a vacant the position in group 2 if, at the assessment phase (which occurs 4 months prior to a restructure) the review process forecasts a reduction of positions within the post office.

Rollbacks Maintained By CPC

Short Term Disability Plan: No change: CPC is keeping its demand to eliminate paid sick leave and replace it with a Short Term Disability Plan.
Wages, Benefits and Pension for New Employees:
  • For employees hired after the date of signing in Groups 1 and 2 the starting rate will be $18.00 and it will take 7 years to reach the maximum rate. New employees will be eligible for COLA.
  • 4 weeks vacation after 10 years of service, 5 weeks after 18 years and 6 weeks after 28 years.
  • Defined benefit pension with full indexation but with early retirement eligibility of 60 years of age and 30 years of service without penalty.
Job Security: Current regular employees will have 40 km protection. Those hired after the date of signing will be entitled to the 40 km protection after five years of employment as a regular employee.
Group 1 Ratio: Starting in 2013 CPC wants to reduce the current full-time ratio of 78% by 1% per year until it reaches 75%. Their proposal does not address the Union’s demands to include overtime hours in the calculation of the ratio; or to correct the adjustment factor that gives the corporation the ability to undermine the ratio by approximately 5%.
List of Arbitrators: CPC wants to remove two arbitrators from the list of arbitrators.
Compensatory Time Off: CPC is agreeing to compensatory time for Group 1 but the provisions will place new restrictions on Group 2 (which will also apply to Group 1) to limit the carry over to five days per year and eliminate the right to be paid out upon request. The corporation’s proposal even takes away the right of the members to be provided with a monthly statement of their accrued hours when requested which permits them to verify if the overtime hours have been registered.
Health and Safety Training: CPC has reserved the right to prohibit Union facilitators from providing training.

Union Issues Not Addressed By CPC

Multiple Bundle Delivery: CPC has not addressed the Union’s demand that a one bundle delivery method be used for points of call other than stop and go and centralized points of delivery.
Cost of Living Allowance (COLA): CPC’s proposal covers only the last three years of the Collective agreement and triggers at 8%
Forced Overtime: CPC is not providing any response to the Union’s demand to minimize forced overtime.
Pension: CPC refuses to include the pension in the collective agreement.
Health and Safety: CPC does not address the Union’s demand to have ergonomic studies prior to the introduction of new work methods or new machines.
Childcare Fund and Education Fund: CPC has not agreed to the Union’s proposals to increase these funds.
Appendix T - Job Creation: No new services or job creation.
Contracting Out: CPC will amend the current protections to include the new packet and bundle sorters which are being introduced and exclude the Bar Code Sorters (BCS).  They are saying no to all of CUPW’s demands for contracting in and for greater protections from contracting out. Also CPC wants to create separate work centres for VES.
Access to Information and Transparency: CPC has not addressed the Union’s proposal to receive data in a workable and stable format.
Depot Support: CPC provided no proposal to resolve the issue of which Group will perform the inside duties within the modern post depots.
Parcel Delivery by Letter Carriers: Nothing in the offer addresses the Union’s proposal to find a solution to the overburdening of letter carriers caused by the introduction of parcel delivery on their routes.  
Percentage of Coverage: CPC has not addressed the Union’s demand to fix the percentage of coverage which contributes to the overburdening of letter carriers.
In solidarity,

Denis Lemelin
National President and Chief Negotiator

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