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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

CPC Says “NO”

Today we met with the CPC bargaining committee to receive their response to our final offer. At the meeting, which lasted less than 10 minutes, the Employer stated that they were rejecting our offer in its entirety. Basically they said nothing more than what was contained in their press statement of yesterday. The only exception was that they acknowledged we had moved dramatically on some issues.

CPC Prefers Media Messages to Negotiations
Instead of negotiating with the Union, CPC issued a statement commenting on the importance of postal service to rural residents, seniors and small businesses. In their statement, they also say they are 'offering employees better pay and benefits than they currently enjoy.'
They do not say:
  • They are demanding an end to sick leave for all employees and the imposition of a short-term disability plan that provides inadequate coverage for short term illnesses and threatens medical privacy;
  • They have been attempting to reduce service in rural areas;
  • They have not responded to the Union's proposals to extend door-to-door delivery service to seniors and persons with mobility restrictions;
  • They have rejected all of our proposals to follow the example of other postal administrations and diversify into financial and banking services;
  • They are demanding a starting wage, which is 22% less than the current starting rate.

CUPW Meets With Labour Minister Raitt
Today, we also met with the Federal Minister of Labour, Lisa Raitt. She suggested she would organize a meeting with CPC President Deepak Chopra for tomorrow. We agreed to the meeting. At the time of writing this alert, no time has been set for the meeting.

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