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Sunday, May 22, 2011

“Jets” Tuesday

Congratulations to everyone that organized and participated in Fridays’  “No Uniform” day.  Winnipeg joined Locals across the country in sending a message to the employer that we’re ready to fight for Jobs, Justice & Equality.

Is it time for another fashion protest?  Some say so.  Some say that maybe a  is in order coming out of the long weekend.  Some say maybe we should capitalize on the community momentum developing around the possible return of an NHL franchise.  How cool would that be to see a bunch of carriers and couriers out delivering mail and wearing “Jets” gear. What kind of dilemma would that create for the employer?  Discipline the friendly Postie that supports another Jets team?  Bring it on!!!!

Don’t have Jets clothing?  Not a clerk or courier or wicket clerk?  No worries.  Be creative.  Montreal letter carriers wore blue jeans all last week.  Talk to your friends and co-workers and come up with your own statement to show your support for a negotiated collective agreement now that respects postal workers and our communities.

Most importantly….Have Fun!

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