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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Winnipeg Local Blog will be up and running again daily as of today

As of today The worker struggle with the Modern Post blog will be back. 
The blog will also include information regarding issues around the possibility of  a strike, negotiations, and all other issues affecting CUPW membership in these truly uncertain times.

Feel free to leave comments or questions but let it be known that not all comments will be posted for strategic purposes. Information from the membership across the country will be truly valuable for this blog at this time however we may need to edit comments or exclude some because of the truly sensitive nature that times like these create. We encourage other locals to send us updates on their respective situations if we in fact are forced by the employer to invoke our right to strike. Pictures and videos are more than welcome as well.

Check back regularly as there will most likely be alot of information being relayed in the coming days.

If there is a specific issue or question that you feel requires additional privacy, the email address you could send  to is:

This email account will be monitored daily as well.

In the past this blog has had a very large following and it is our goal to increase its following. Please share this blog address with as many postal workers as possible.  Membership participation with this blog is  the key to it's success. 

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