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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


What does a Conservative Majority Government mean to Postal Workers???

Nothing different than a minority government meant yesterday!  We need to continue to defend our Public Post, our jobs, our benefits and our rights under a negotiated Collective Agreement.

We need to continue with our Voices of Solidarity to send a message to the Employer that we will not accept their rollbacks under any government’s power.

CUPW has been here before – we have fought in the past to get the benefits, wages and job security we have today – we will continue to fight to ensure we keep them!

That is why we say


  1. It was the Liberals that put Moya Green in charge of CPC, so it's not a left/right issue. As I see it, it's a question of the Government seeing Canada Post either as a "Service" or "Infrastructure". I see CPC as part of the Canadian Infrastructure, connecting all parts of Canada together for both individuals and businesses, small and large, and as such, the prevailing Government should ensure this Infrastructure remains viable. Now I'm not saying the the Government of the day should necessarily have to fund it, but it needs to set the policy that the CEO and Board of Directors needs to follow.

  2. Response to first comment:
    And the PC's reappointed her
    It is both, Service and Infrastructure
    Check CPC website for posted annual profits