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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dear Sisters and Brothers of CUPW,

We would like to show our support for you in your struggle against the governments attack on your wages and benefits, and we wish you the best in your negotiations for a decent collective agreement.As we all can see, the boss’ class is making working people pay for their crisis the world over. Working people around the world are being forced to pay for a crisis which we did not create. While the attacks on workers may seem overwhelming, there are signs of resistance, and we are excited to hear of your 95% membership vote in favour of strike action with the biggest voter turnout to ever happen. We would like to let you know that we stand in solidarity with you. We know, that when a democratic and militant union like the Postal Workers Union wins, all workers benefit.
If a strike is necessary, our youth members will be out on your picket lines in support.
In Solidarity and In Struggle,

Julius Arscott, Chair
Youth for Socialist Action ( Canada )


  1. The following is a comment I attempted to post in response to some comments on CPC's website. When I hit the post button, a block came up and told me that it would not post it, because I already said that. Blocked a week after they sent me that nice mailout inviting me to "Join the conversation" with my colleagues. Here is the post I tried to put up, copy and pasted.

    In this economy...... god I'm tired of that phrase. In this economy, Home values in Winnipeg have gone way up. Over 200k for my old neighborhood. Gas is going up to an all time high. You want to take down wages in this economy??? Avg sick days taken in a year right now is 14, why would we accept 7? They want rollbacks?? Go to Walmart. CEO of CPC's salary has gone up consistently over the past decades along with their bonus rates going up to 33% of their yearly salary??? You want rollbacks CPC, start with yourself and your twentysome senior vice presidents. Don't come crying rags to me when you're wearing silk.


  2. "in this economy, we STILL managed to bring in a profit for Canada Post and they've squandered it".

    put that in your pipe and scmoke it CPC.

    I wouldn't even attempt to post on their site.
    Have yet to even log in there properly.

  3. Thank you Julius for your very kind words of support. We all really appreciate it!