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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thank you for the support! Made my Day!

I am an American... worked from a film union worker to CEO, please hear me out. My sister is a letter carrier in Vancouver, British Columbia.
How reasonable is it for a CEO and 20 to 25 vice presidents of the Canada Post Office to hold the final deliverer, caring letter carriers and postal clerks, responsible for the quality of the products he or she is delivering? The postal person on the "front lines", in front of the public, may be contributing to low service delivery, BUT blaming the clerk or letter carrier for this low service, is not only unfair, it's unproductive.
Employees, all employees, on the "front lines" are visible, they become targets of poor management. They become "symptom carriers", of a management problem....NOT the source of the problem. When something goes wrong at Canada Post, it's easy to trace the problem back to whomever touched it! Lay the blame there. And yet the non/or unionized workers rather than management are blamed for everything .
If Senior Management at the Canada Post Corporation truly wants to find the source of CPC's declining service levels, the best place to start is with a long and deep look in the mirror. It may cost management individuals an annual BONU$ though. (From what I have researched, employees of Canada Post received a bonus for employees except for term employees...CEO 33% Bonus??)). I may not agree to all of the union's demands, but I CERTAINLY treat my employees as people and with respect. Just People. People with souls, and with great innovative ideas and enthusiam. My employees ARE my company. They have my respect. We work together, not agaisnt each other. TEOTWAWKI.
Annie Goodwin, CEO
Annie Goodwin Productions/USA/CanadaTEOTWAKI

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