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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

*Rally in solidarity with CUPW in Ottawa Protest Harper*s attack on public services*

As you may have heard by now, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers
has given notice and will be in legal strike position as of 12:01am
morning if a settlement is not negotiated by that time.  People for
Workers network is calling for a community solidarity rally at noon on
Friday in Ottawa.
Today it is an attack on our public postal service and the workers who
deliver that service. We need to stand up to defend our public postal
service or tomorrow it will be an attack on all of our public
Canadians have been deeply concerned about Harper*s hidden agenda.
This is
the beginning of that agenda coming out into the open.
*WHAT: *Community rally in solidarity with our postal workers
*WHEN: *12pm, Friday June 3
*WHERE: *Canada Post Station B, 59 Sparks Street (at Elgin), Ottawa
*WHO: *Organized by People for Postal Workers, a recently formed
network of
organizations and individuals that have united to stand in solidarity
CUPW against austerity.
The attack on CUPW will be one of the first key tests for social
in Canada in the new Harper majority era. As Minister Clement has
entire programs are on the chopping block. The postal workers are our
line of defence against the attack Harper is planning on the entire
CUPW has been there on the frontlines of countless movements. CUPW has
with the peace, human rights, climate, anti-racist, and so many other
of our social justice movement in Canada. Now we need to be there for
The postal workers* struggle is one for us all.
1. Join the solidarity rally.
2. Download and print a sign from and
it in your window
3. Adopt a picket line: If it becomes necessary for CUPW to proceed
strike action, one of the most important things we can do is help CUPW
literally hold the line against Harper's austerity plans. Take 15 or
minutes on your way to or from work (or during lunch) and join CUPW at
picket line nearest you (locations to be announced).
4. Follow People for Postal Workers on Twitter at
@people4posties<>and "like" our
Facebook page at
In solidarity against austerity,
People for Postal Workers

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