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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Jacques Cote
Chief Operating Officer
Canada Post Corporation

Dear Colleague

Thank you for your letter dated June 13,2011.

There was no need to try and explain the corporation’s decision to not reinstate the collective agreement in exchange for the suspension of the union’s rotating strike.  The truth is that we know the corporation does not and has not any intention of trying to reach a negotiated settlement.

For the last 6 months the Union has been essentially negotiating with itself.  Now you are trying to provoke a nation wide strike by taking away our benefits, drastically reducing service to the public, and refusing to go back to the bargaining table. 

You stated that our customers need to be able to count on the company being functional and reliable.  We certainly agree with you on that point, however can you explain how de-grading our sick leave benefits and reducing wages and benefits for new hires will allow the company to be more functional and reliable ?

The fact is that  our current postal system has been neither functional nor reliable, and has not been since Modern Post was implemented.  This has nothing to do with our wages and benefits.  It has everything to do with this corporation being married to a plan that is not working.

Perhaps if you didn’t buy every letter carrier a car, and every plant worker two shopping carts ( IDCs) each, you would have more of the money you desire.

If Modern Post is going to work you are going to need our cooperation not contempt.  Perhaps you should change your way of thinking and focus on building as opposed to destroying. 

You also stated that you are not  reinstating the collective agreement because it does not provide flexibility to adjust your costs to the volume loss you are experiencing.  It is  obvious that you are grossly exaggerating the volume loss.  Today letter carriers were not allowed to deliver their routes because of this so-called “ volume loss “, and will not deliver on Thursday as well.

You may not be able to see this far from your oak desk in Ottawa, but volumes are normal in Winnipeg and employees have reported mail piled up in the depots waiting to be delivered.  This is delay of mail Mr. Cote.  You have fired many employees for delay of mail.

You can try to rationalize and spin your refusal to participate all you want.  You are not fooling anyone.  We strongly urge YOUR leadership (who ever that may be ; haven’t heard from Mr. Chopra in a month)  to get back to bargaining.  If you truly want a negotiated settlement now, then it might be a good idea to show up to the table.

Just Saying


  1. hear here!!

    well said. am having a down day so this is welcomed.

  2. CPC website states corporation suspending all urban services. Looks like we are locked out.