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Friday, June 10, 2011


Canada Post Corporation Rejects CUPW's Offer to Suspend the Strike

For Immediate Release June 10, 2011, 19:00

In response to today’s request from Labour Minister Lisa Raitt, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers agreed to suspend strike activity. The union’s only condition was that the terms of its collective agreement would be reinstated.

In 1991, when CUPW suspended its strike action to assist mediation efforts, Canada Post agreed to reinstate the union’s collective agreement.  At 6 PM this evening, Canada Post’s management rejected the union’s offer.

“This behaviour on the part of Canada Post Corporation is totally unacceptable,” said Denis Lemelin, CUPW National President and chief negotiator. “We are showing that we are willing to suspend our strike in good faith and with goodwill, as the Minister
requested. Once again, Canada Post is rejecting any of our efforts to resolve the issues.”

As a result of Canada Post’s rejection, the union will continue its strike action in an effort to force Canada Post to negotiate. This weekend, postal workers in Red Deer, Alberta, are
on the picket line.

Negotiations meetings are scheduled for this evening and will continue over the weekend.

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  1. I can't even believe CPC said "NO" to this !! Are they for real ???? It just doesn't matter what our union does........CPC responds with a....... "NO" !!!... Keep up the good work CUPW. ....... SOLIDARITY!!! >P.S. I hope someone gets this out to the Press and the Pubic !!!

  2. Some people in my station are starting to doubt the rotating strike strategy.
    It's working like a charm, I think.
    Three day work week will suck.

    We want a contract CPC!!!

  3. It does not surprise me of CPC attitude... it has been CPC position to ignore us and go ahead and do what ever it wants.. even if it goes against the contract.. three day week will hurt.
    CPC get off you ass and give us a contract!!!!

  4. From what I am reading in media reports today, including the Wpg Free Press, Canada Post is starting to be exposed for the liars they are. I think they are so desperate, they are lashing out and making fools of themselves in the process. I love it.

  5. This is a deliberate attempt at UNION BUSTING.
    It is no coincidence that the board of directors at Canada Post and Purolator both contain a blend of past CPC members on Purolator's board and Past Purolator on CPC's board. They have a grand plan in place and are funneling accounts like Passport Canada and WSIB to Purolator of which they own approx 92% or advising small business to use their EPOST services. They are not losing a dollar, but have redirected the business to their other subsiduary. What a shame this can be allowed to happen. I am ready to stay out until HELL freezes over. I think that momma Moya and daddy Deepak mandate is to destroy our Public Post Office..What do you think ?

  6. patience people.......we can do this thing!!!