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Monday, June 6, 2011

This is terrible behaviour from the Corporation

Canada Post Corporation has decided to leave mail undelivered in Halifax and Dartmouth today (Monday) despite having extra workers available to deliver the mail, states the President of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) in the city.
"Local management claims it's a cost-saving measure." stated Trevor Beckerson, President of the CUPW Nova Local. "This is a public service, mandated by law to deliver mail. This is what they exist for, and it's unacceptable to withhold mail from the public for the sake of a few dollars."
The routes not covered in Halifax are mainly in Spryfield, Fairview, and the north end of the peninsula. In Dartmouth, areas near Sullivan's Pond are being undelivered, and the Mill Cove
area in Bedford.
Making this worse, says Beckerson, Canada Post announced today that they are no longer utilizing call-in temporary workers, even though mail is being left behind. There are approximately 50 temporary letter-carriers, who are meant to cover absences or unusually high volumes. There are also extra relief workers who are not being given this work, and are sitting idle at the post offices.
"This is terrible behaviour from the Corporation. The CUPW has many bargaining demands to improve service to the public, meanwhile the employer is leaving our mail sitting in the depots for no reason. The union is here and ready to work, and it's disgraceful to punish the public because we refuse to accept their concessions in bargaining."

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  1. cutting women off of their maternity leave on the 30'th anniversary is also terrible behaviour.

    how do they get away with it?