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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


 At 10:59 PM Thursday June 2 CUPW members in Winnipeg walked off the job in our first legal strike in 14 years. All members who participated at the plant and at the depots should be congratulated for their efforts and dedication. Our lines were strong and the media took notice.

Following our return to work Hamilton went out for two days, followed by Montreal [Monday] then Moncton / Victoria [Tuesday]. National office will decide who is out on Wednesday.


It has become evident that the employer is about to blow a gasket as a result of the strike strategy adopted by the National Union.  We have been able to keep the employer’s payroll costs near maximum levels while their volumes and revenues are heading down the toilet quickly. 

Inside workers across the country are reporting that volumes in the mail processing plants are dropping like a lead balloon and carriers and couriers are reporting that householder and parcel volumes are taking a serious dive.  So with shrinking revenues and a weary mailing public, management has gone on the attack.  Temporary employees have all been sent home, part timers are reduced to their minimum scheduled hours and there is a complete ban on all overtime.  Clearly they are trying to control all costs as they hemorrhage millions of dollars a day.

The Union has no intention of walking away from the bargaining table at this point and the employer would lose any credibility they might have left with the public if they broke off talks.  We continue to explore solutions to the real problems facing postal workers.  The employer has rejected cost saving measures proposed by the Union, such as using the $32 million CTI money to help resolve the pension issue and spreading pay increments over a longer period for some regular workers as a couple of examples.

Although it is difficult to be in the workplace with such a provocative and childish employer at the moment, postal workers must remain calm and not allow the employer to take control of the agenda.  The employer clearly wants the National Union to declare a nation wide strike so that the Harper government would have a reason to intervene.  With a majority government, Harper would no doubt impose back to work legislation and force massive rollbacks into our contract.  Without the national strike, there is little need for the government to get involved and that is what the employer is so pissed about.  For the time being, its worth it to watch the employer suffer and keep our members on their payroll.

While we are back at work we need to keep up our involvement in the struggle. Our role on the workfloor needs to create continual pressure on the employer to get serious at the table and show  solid support for our negotiators.  Workers can stay informed by checking the local web site [], the National web site [] and by signing up for E-Digest on the National website.

Should Winnipeg be called back into the strike, the picket captains will be contacting you.

Winnipeg Local Executive Officers


  1. This is great perspective and very accurate. The provocations that Supervisors and Managers are subjecting us to at the NE DEPOT has caused a few workers to blow a gasket, but we are trying our best to keep a lid on the anger.

  2. I assume a full strike is right around the corner since it looks like we will all now be part time.

  3. looks like we're down to 3 days delivery now......
    excuses and whining on the cpc site.....
    guess they're starting to feel the pressure.

    bring it on!!!!

  4. A full strike is not around the corner. Read this article again to understand why. I wish more people would understand why a national strike would not benefit us at all. I've had to explain it to countless people at work as well as customers who all think we're wasting our time with rotating strikes. I think it's by far the best idea possible and I'm behind the CUPW national executive team 100%. They've done an excellent job so far. Keep up the good work!!