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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Members of the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) will be holding a conference here in Winnipeg this Friday.  PSAC members have also been on the receiving end of the attacks of Canada Post in their drive for contract roll-backs and elimination of decent jobs and services.

PSAC and CUPW will be holding a rally at noon this Friday to show Canada Post our determination to fight for quality public services in our communities and respect for the workers that deserve a fair share of all that their labour creates.

This is a prime opportunity for Winnipeg postal workers to continue to show our support for our negotiating committee and those members that are on Strike elsewhere in the country in our quest for a fair collective agreement.

We are asking all members that are not on duty to come to the rally.  If you work in the downtown depots, this is a great way to spend your lunch break – giving the boss a message.

Where:            266 Graham Avenue
When:             Friday, June 10th at Noon

Please share this message with your co­-workers in the workplace.

Winnipeg Local Executive Officers


  1. this blog is a pale shadow of what it once was.
    I don't know if maybe people forgot about it when it went down a few months back or if people are having trouble connecting to it. It really was quite something to see last winter.

    Perhaps this blog is just suffering from the same thing that CUPW is suffering from, bad PR.

    I'm not sure what can be done about this but I would like to see it come back, postings on the CPC site are some of the most uninformed and poisonous I've ever seen.

  2. We need to get the word out that this site is back. I had no clue it existed either and landed on it by accident actually. The address isn't exactly the same as the last one so obviously people think it's gone for good. Pass on the new address and hopefully it will grow as big as it used to be.