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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

hell yeah!

Right on, brother! Well said. I have been a Letter Carrier for almost 30 years out here in Edmonton and have just about heard it all from Management, Media and Misguided Public. After all the threats of losing business, losing customers, losing our jobs, being disciplined, being privatized, being arrested and, oh yes, we are going broke and it is no longer economically viable to maintain these levels of wages and benefits in todays marketplace, I find 30 years later I am still here, you are still here,the corporation is still here,business,customers and our jobs are still here,we haven't been privatized, we have respectable wages and benefits yet we remain viable and are definitely not broke. Even 20 years ago I heard the Post Office is obsolete, no longer relevant, it's services, or lack there of, are no longer needed,required or wanted. Well, if that is truly the case, then why are the public and business so quick to scream for the Government to Legislate us back to work? All this rhetoric is the same during every round of negotiations or strike action. So much doom and gloom and scare tactics galore. Don't feed into it! So, to all those out there who aren't so young anymore- have you forgotten, when, all those years ago, you put your differences aside, stood shoulder to shoulder, and tore to shreds anything they threw at you. Remember that? Remember the pride, confidence, and comradeship you felt fighting side by side on the Picket Line stomping scabs, buses and tractor-trailers alike. Remember, later on the workfloor, the unity and strength we had. To all you youngsters out there, Management has subversively initiated a campaign of rumours, and I have even heard it said, fibs as well. This campaign is designed to confuse you and with the help of a few pro management workers on the Workfloor, start a debate which is designed to create division within the ranks. So relax, ignore the crap. Talk to senior members. Each of them has a wealth of information. All you have to do is get them talking and telling stories, then sit back, be entertained and learn. However be forewarned there is no off button. To all of you- we can't afford to be divided at this critical time, so support the Union. And for those of you who find that hard to do, then at least support your fellow workers because this is the single most important thing we can do.

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