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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Members in Winnipeg joined activists in Edmonton and Vancouver and took our message to the Conservative MP's this week - YOU SUCK!

Five members here in Winnipeg occupied the constituency office of Shelly Glover, MP for Saint Boniface and parliamentary secretary for the minister of finance starting at noon on Monday .  They were joined by a jubillant group of outside protesters that stayed with them for the duration of the occupation.  We also enjoyed the support of members from the Canadian Union of Public Employees, community activists and Cop Watch.

The occupation ended at 130 in the morning on Tuesday when the police moved in and asked that we leave.  Everyone in our Union can be proud of these members that conducted themselves very respectfully of the constituency staff.  The Winnipeg Police service remarked that they were impressed with our conduct and observed that there was no damage to any property.

Glover was not quite as impressed however.  She has now closed her constituency office for the duration of our struggle and blames it on "the disruptive actions of the postal workers".  Perhaps not the brightest thing to say when we know that you will be returning to Winnipeg soon and will be hosting various community events.  We may have to visit her often to thank her personally for the draconian legislation that she supported to kill free collective bargaining.

Following the Glover event, other Conservative MP's in the city have closed their offices as well or have limited their office to appointments only.  One has to question why you feel a need to hide from postal workers if you believe that what you did was the right thing to do.

We won't forget you!

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