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Friday, June 3, 2011

temp lc assignments cancelled‏ in Winnipeg

The employer advised me in a telephone conversation this afternoon that all 17.06 absence coverage assignments were terminated as of today.  The employer indicated that no Group 2 Temps will be working on Monday.

They need some time to assess what the coverage requirements are.  The employer cannot accurately predict how many indeterminate employees will proceed with their planned periods of vacation now that the leave will be considered without pay.  The employer believes that many members will now come to work based on the leave without pay status and thus there will be less of a need for coverage. 

Following their assessment of their operation, they advised that temporary members will be called back based on need and respecting seniority.  The employer advised me that they will share information with us in order to monitor staffing actions.

The employer also indicated that normal volumes in the Toronto processing network for today would be 18 million pieces but there is an actual inventory of 3 million pieces.

We will monitor absence coverage staffing carefully and advise our members accordingly.  Trust this information is of use and that the Local will be advised what additional actions we should take.

Darren Steinhoff
Acting Chief Steward
Winnipeg Local

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