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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Today, the Minister of Labour announced in the House of Commons that the Harper government would be introducing back to work legislation to end free collective bargaining between CUPW and Canada Post. 
Clearly, the Harper government is taking advantage of the crisis manufactured by Canada Post and their national lock-out of postal workers.  As a result of the Government’s announcement today, your Local Executive met and adopted the following plan for Thursday, June 16th.
All members, from all installations and work sites to assemble at 1100 hours at 266 Graham Avenue for picketing and a rally against our employer and the Harper Conservative government. 

Those that are scheduled for picket duty on the midnight shift tonight will only picket from midnight until 0200 hours.  This will give them time to get home and rest then come to the event at 1100 hours.  Participation at tomorrow’s event will eliminate the need for the midnight shift members to picket tomorrow night.  As well, shift 3 members will not be required to picket at 1870 Wellington tomorrow due to this downtown picket and rally. 
We are in talks to co-ordinate this event with Canadian Auto Worker members that are on strike against Air Canada that will also be subjected to back to work legislation.
We also anticipate that we will be joined by members of the 800 member delegation of the Canadian Federation of Nurses Union that are conducting their national conference here.
Due to the urgency of the situation facing us, it is imperative that we put all of our energies and resources into an appropriate response to this vicious attack on the members and our Union.
We thank you in advance for making tomorrow a very memorable day for those that conspire against us.

Yours in Solidarity,

Darren Steinhoff
Acting Chief Steward
Collection & Delivery

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